Our Team


  • Jack Newton

    Jack Newton

    President & CEO

    An experienced business leader, software developer and entrepreneur, Jack provides the strategic vision that has made Clio a leader in legal cloud computing.

  • Rian Gauvreau

    Rian Gauvreau


    Rian combines his years of experience with law firm IT with his in-depth software development experience to help create software law firms love to use.

Business Development

  • George Psiharis

    George Psiharis

    Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships

    An academic at heart, George develops Clio's partnerships with law schools, Bar Associations, and Certified Consultants. His natural habitat: legal conferences across North America.

  • Nagib Tharani

    Nagib Tharani

    Director of International Business Development

    An entrepreneur, engineer and business leader with broad blue chip and startup experience overseas, Nagib heads up Clio's international business.

  • Caitlin Kowalchuk

    Caitlin Kowalchuk

    Manager, Business Development & Operations

    Although you may not always see her behind the booth, Caitlin coordinates the logistics behind Clio’s extensive presence at tradeshows around the world. Drawing upon her business background, Caitlin also supports Clio’s Bar Association partnerships and marketing initiatives.

  • Shelby Hejjas

    Shelby Hejjas

    Channel Programs Coordinator

    Best known for her infectious giggle, Shelby employs her extensive business knowledge to develop Clio’s Academic Access Program, creating a supportive learning environment for students and faculty alike.

  • Alexandre Nemetz-Sinchein

    Alexandre Nemetz-Sinchein

    Channel Programs Coordinator

    Leading the Clio Certified Consultant Program and Institutional Sales initiative, Alexandre draws upon his sales and account management experience to cultivate relationships and help Clio’s partners succeed.

  • Aaron Pinch

    Aaron Pinch

    Channel Programs Coordinator

    Working with law schools, institutional clients, & Certified Consultants, Aaron helps key stakeholders identify and execute implementation strategies for Clio. Aaron also loves to work with the development community to create customized solutions for clients by leveraging Clio's powerful open API.

  • Jodelene Weir

    Jodelene Weir

    Business Development Coordinator

    With a keen focus on organizing awesome events and delighting customers, Jodelene works with the business development team to deliver the Clio's Rewards Program, organize Clio Meet-ups, and build partnerships through a variety of outreach initiatives.

Talent, Administration & Finance

  • Angela Stogre

    Angela Stogre

    Manager, Accounting & Finance

    As a designated accountant and experienced financial analyst, Angela is charged with directing Clio's financial operations.

  • Jocelyn Goodrich

    Jocelyn Goodrich

    Accounting & Finance

    Having performed a multitude of roles in a wide variety of industries, Jocelyn is an administrative generalist performing day-to-day accounting and human resources functions.

  • Caroline Hui

    Caroline Hui

    Accounting & Finance

    Having worked in both public practice and private industry for over years, Caroline brings an extensive background in accounting and finance to bear in her work at Clio.

  • Barbara Tang

    Barbara Tang

    Financial Analyst

    With a passion for numbers, Barb ensures that Clio is heading on the right path and is ready to take over the world.

  • Simon Wilson

    Simon Wilson

    Director of Talent Acquisition

    Simon is a seasoned technology professional with ten years of experience working in startups and six years spent working as a recruiter for multinationals and small companies across Canada.

  • Tonia Chambers

    Tonia Chambers

    Manager, Office Administration

    With a background in teaching and management in the education sector, Tonia ensures Clio is one of the best places in the world to work.

  • Tanyia MacKenzie

    Tanyia MacKenzie

    Office Administrator

    Tanyia is an organized, super-enthusiastic person who has worked in some demanding environments! She's managed kitchen staff for difficult executive chefs and volunteers at the aquarium. Ask her about sea stars sometime.

  • Lauren Sanders

    Lauren Sanders

    Office Administrator

    Likely one of the first faces you'll meet at Clio's offices, Lauren manages the daily affairs of running Clio's ever-growing office. A proud Vancouver resident, she has an academic background in history and political science. She also loves to go to live music, art, and cultural events.

Product Development

  • Jason LaRiviere

    Jason LaRiviere

    UI/UX Design Lead

    Clio's first designer draws from over a decade of multi-disciplinary experience to ensure our products remain easy to use and beautiful to look at.

  • Guillaume D'Arabian

    Guillaume D'Arabian

    UX Designer

    Clio's first dedicated User Experience (UX) designer, Guillaume helps Clio's developers and designers delight users.

  • Fraser Newton

    Fraser Newton

    Sr. Software Developer

    A talented developer and innovator, Fraser was the first to join the Clio software development team, and has been instrumental in helping Clio become what it is today.

  • Chris Thompson

    Chris Thompson

    Sr. Software Developer

    With extensive experience developing complex web-based applications, Chris is responsible for helping to realize many of Clio's great new features and integrations.

  • Tys von Gaza

    Tys von Gaza

    Product Manager for Mobile and API

    A versatile software developer and experienced entrepreneur. When not developing amazing new features for Clio, Tys can be found skiing and adventuring in Canada's scenic backcountry.

  • Arthur Chui

    Arthur Chui

    Software Developer

    With 10 years of startup experience in developing large-scale web applications, Arthur is keen on turning a product idea into a reality.

  • Kyle d'Oliveira

    Kyle d'Oliveira

    Software Developer

    As jack of all trades and master of some, Kyle is an ambitious, intelligent, and skilled software developer with an uncanny ability to very rapidly turn an idea into software.

  • Kyle Demeule

    Kyle Demeule

    Software Developer

    Kyle has worked on a variety of projects from runtime environments to rule-based theorem provers. He has a passion for developing well engineered solutions that follow best practices and can usually be found moving bits in an orderly fashion.

  • Kieran Elliott

    Kieran Elliott

    Software Developer

    Kieran loves developing software, travelling the world, and playing badminton. He has once accomplished doing all three simultaneously.

  • Reilly Forshaw

    Reilly Forshaw

    Software Developer

    After becoming hooked on software development during his first internship, he has worked in aerospace, games and at a local internet startup. Reilly is a cyclist, swimmer, and future triathlete.

  • Naoya Makino

    Naoya Makino

    Software Developer

    Active, team player, and wonderer are three words that describe Naoya. He is developing many of Clio's exciting new features and improvements.

  • Jason Peebles

    Jason Peebles

    Software Developer

    With a background in iPhone and web development, Jason is helping develop rich native mobile features for Clio.

  • Dennis Taylor

    Dennis Taylor

    Software Developer

    This roguish, stunningly handsome programmer adds a touch of class to Clio's offices. He enjoys eating, sleeping, and starting garbage fires.

  • Hanson Wu

    Hanson Wu

    Software Developer

    Hanson is a developer who loves writing clean code and dabbling in the latest and greatest technologies. He is somewhat of a foodie, and on weekends you will probably find him on badminton courts smashing birdies at people.

  • Craig Carlyle

    Craig Carlyle

    UI Designer

    Craig is both a UI designer and front-end developer. He's passionate about creating interactive experiences that enrich people's lives.

  • Shirley Ho

    Shirley Ho

    UI Designer

    Combining her love for design and an interdisciplinary background, Shirley draws on her passion to help create Clio's next greatest features.

  • Eugene Or

    Eugene Or

    UI Designer

    From graphic to broadcast and now interactive, Eugene brings a wide array of skills to complement design and front-end development. When he's not designing user experiences or coding his life away, he enjoys snowboarding, karate and doing 4 hit combos in Street Fighter 2. Shoryuken!

  • Stephen Phung

    Stephen Phung

    UI Designer

    As a UI designer at Clio, Stephen enjoys conceptualizing and designing simple and clean interfaces. He's also a design enthusiast, avid photographer, food lover, casual runner, and enjoys using animated GIF reactions to show you how he feels.

  • Stephan Rosger

    Stephan Rosger

    UI Designer

    With a background in graphic design, and interests including art and social media, Stephan applies the best of his talents towards the design of Clio. He also enjoys looking for ways to improve the connection between creative disciplines, technology, and people.

  • Geoff Thierman

    Geoff Thierman

    UI Designer

    Geoff is a UI designer and front end developer with a passion for well crafted HTML and CSS.

  • Remi Broemeling

    Remi Broemeling

    Systems Administrator

    Armed with determination and a comprehensive set of system administration skills and experience, Remi is devoted to ensuring Clio's security, reliability and performance.

  • Graham Kennedy

    Graham Kennedy

    Product Manager

    As Clio's resident product manager, Graham discovers and refines what features Clio will develop. When not in the office, Graham enjoys watching endless reruns of Team America: World Police and sampling absinthe.

  • Tyler Berard

    Tyler Berard

    Project Manager

    With an extensive background in Scrum, Tyler is responsible for laying a framework of agile development across the entire production team. A massive sports nut, you'll find him on the golf course or screaming at his TV while watching hockey in his spare time.

  • Corey Owens

    Corey Owens

    Quality Assurance Manager

    Corey combines a background in the software industry and a Master’s in Anthropology. His understanding of systems and people helps improve Clio through pre-release testing and troubleshooting.

  • Derek Rawlings

    Derek Rawlings

    QA Analyst

    Derek brings a no-nonsense, needs-driven consultative style as well as social media savvy to Clio. When not on the phone, Derek considers himself Clio's resident tea expert.

Customer Support

  • Catherine Hillier

    Catherine Hillier

    Director of Customer Support

    With both a legal admin and training background, Catherine leads the Technical Support, Training and Migration teams at Clio to ensure that our users receive an Outstanding Customer Service Experience.

  • Zachary Pope

    Zachary Pope

    Technical Escalations Coordinator

    Combining a background in communications, with a knack for handling technical troubleshooting, Zach always strives to provide the best support possible to both Clio users, and the Support team - leading by example and addressing particularly tough issues.

  • Pamela Finch

    Pamela Finch

    Training Specialist

    Combining over 10 years of leadership and training experience in the tourism industry with an entrepreneurial and creative approach to successfully lead all things training related here at Clio.

  • Derek Bolen

    Derek Bolen

    Customer Support Representative

    Derek brings over 10 years of Customer Support, Community Management, and Blogging experience to the Clio Support Team. With a Bachelor of Journalism, Derek is always exploring new ways to effectively communicate support solutions to our passionate users.

  • Jay Castro

    Jay Castro

    Customer Support Representative

    Jay brings to the Clio team years of experience in software support and the IT industry with industry leading companies. He relies on this experience to give the best possible customer support everyday.

  • Kimberly Davison

    Kimberly Davison

    Customer Support Representative

    Drawing on years of experience in Legal Administration and a Technical IT Diploma, Kim provides our users with friendly and efficient service. She is A+ and Network+ certified.

  • Kazia Formoza

    Kazia Formoza

    Customer Support Representative

    Always happy to assist with any technical support issue, Kazia was the first to join our customer support team, and always strives to provide surprisingly great support.

  • Drew Goddyn

    Drew Goddyn

    Customer Support Representative

    With an education in computer crime, Drew uses his passion for technology and teaching to always deliver a friendly and helpful customer support experience.

  • Caroline Montano

    Caroline Montano

    Customer Support Representative

    With dreams of one day becoming a lawyer, Caroline is always eager to utilize her background in customer service to provide cheerful service to Clio's customers.

  • Lyndsi Nolan

    Lyndsi Nolan

    Customer Support Representative

    With a strong background in web design, a love of exceptional customer service, and extensive experience with online software training, Lyndsi brings a well-rounded approach to Clio Support.

  • Joceline Paczoski

    Joceline Paczoski

    Customer Support Representative

    With over 20 years experience in client relationship building, Joceline uses her training and support background to provide a warm and friendly customer experience.

  • Megan Salisbury

    Megan Salisbury

    Customer Support Representative

    Megan draws on her background in anthropology, communications and IT to provide exceptional training for Clio employees. She is frequently found discussing craft beer and science fiction.

  • Dana Stasyk

    Dana Stasyk

    Customer Support Representative

    With a strong background in customer service, a love of learning, as well as a diploma in Public Relations, Dana uses her experience and skills to provide a friendly and efficient customer experience.

  • Jason Pinch

    Jason Pinch

    Switch Specialist

    Jason draws on his experience in IT Service to help migrate customer's data into Clio and help diagnose and repair complex issues.

  • Angus Wong

    Angus Wong

    IT Coordinator

    With an extensive background in IT management and web support, Angus ensures that Clions are given super powers to provide an exceptional service to its users.

Marketing & Community

  • Joseph Seo

    Joseph Seo

    Director of Marketing

    A veteran digital strategist, Joseph combines his knowledge and passion for branding, technology and media to oversee Clio's marketing initiatives and engagement strategies.

  • Joshua Lenon

    Joshua Lenon

    Director of Communications & Outreach

    An attorney admitted to the New York Bar, Joshua brings legal scholarship to the conversations happening both within Clio and with our customers.

  • Gwynne Monahan

    Gwynne Monahan

    Communications Manager

    Clio’s first international hire, Gwynne documents Clio’s stories, development, and growth. She is an award-winning blogger and a social media veteran who is never far from the Internet.

  • Jeff Porter

    Jeff Porter

    Front-End Developer

    Jeff has been working in agencies for over 6 years and brings his "outside-the-box" thinking to Clio's marketing team as well as his excessive knowledge of Doctor Who.


  • Steven Silberbach

    Steven Silberbach

    VP Global Sales

    A recognized sales leader and true cloud computing evangelist as a 9 year veteran of Salesforce.com, Steven brings deep experience building high-growth sales organizations to lead Clio’s global sales team.

  • Ross Larsen

    Ross Larsen

    Account Executive

    Focused on both delivering superior service and achieving a detailed understanding of his clients' needs, Ross has helped hundreds of firms make the transition to the cloud.

  • Oliver Browes

    Oliver Browes

    Account Executive

    As a professional with diverse experience helping to grow small businesses, Oliver excels at bringing a lighthearted but technical approach to important decisions.

  • Tyler Goodwin

    Tyler Goodwin

    Account Executive

    As one of the first sales consultants to join the Clio organization, Tyler works extensively with a high volume of firms building and maintaining client relationships.

  • Jennifer Pape

    Jennifer Pape

    Account Executive

    With a background in management and accounting, Jenn uses her experience to relate to the key needs of her clients and provides professional, prompt, and knowledgeable service.

  • Graham Stuart

    Graham Stuart

    Account Executive

    With extensive sales experience, Graham consistently delivers value and success to his clients through his keen understanding of what makes each practice unique.

  • Joshua Tanzola

    Joshua Tanzola

    Account Executive

    With a broad sales & marketing background Joshua provides diverse value at Clio. His talents bring a unique dynamic to his clients and the Clio culture.

  • Dan Woods

    Dan Woods

    Account Executive

    Dan uses his years of internet marketing and cloud consulting experience to ensure his clients are getting the most out of Clio and the cloud in general.

  • John Bourlet

    John Bourlet

    Sales Development Representative

    With a background in customer support and sales, John helps make sure Clio's customers are successful in their use of the software.

  • Emmery Holmes

    Emmery Holmes

    Sales Development Representative

    With an extensive background in sales, Emmery consistently delivers value to law firms across the U.S. He works closely with legal professionals to streamline and simplify the practice of law.

  • Pav Kang

    Pav Kang

    Sales Development Representative

    With extensive experience as a sales consultant, Pav is skilled at developing strong business relationships with his clients, helping each of them reach their goals.

  • Kevin Lit

    Kevin Lit

    Sales Development Representative

    An avid sports fan, Kevin has over 15 years of customer service and sales experience and is proud to be a part of the Clio team.

  • Kevin Needham

    Kevin Needham

    Sales Development Representative

    Using a combination of proficient product knowledge and experience, Kevin provides a clear and efficient path for clients to implement Clio in their practice.

  • Rachel Raffa

    Rachel Raffa

    Sales Development Representative

    Armed with a unique combination of drive, energy and enthusiasm, Rachel brings a team-driven, customer-focused approach to finding solutions and building relationships.

  • Steve McCauley

    Steve McCauley

    Solutions Expert

    With years of experience as a corporate IT/Apple professional and a background in hospitality management, Steve is well suited to be to our Solutions Expert.